Combat Collective is a women's only combat sports academy that celebrates the strength, resilience, and unity of women. Our community-driven, women-only environment offers a unique space for every woman to thrive.

Our courses span eight weeks, focusing on Muay Thai techniques whilst building your self-confidence and inner strength. Feel comfortable, knowing you can train without judgment, competition, or distraction as you learn strikes, defences, and partner work. Our experienced instructors are here to help you thrive in a space where your growth is celebrated.

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Join Our 6-Day Women-Only

Muay Thai Retreat in Phuket

20-27 November, 2023 (Sold Out)

Next retreat dates:
21-28 April, 2024

Spend a week building a stronger mind, stronger body and stepping fully into your power with like-minded women. Join us for this exclusive 6-day retreat on 21-28 Apr 2024 to learn and train Muay Thai in magnificent Phuket, topped with an exciting line of experiences. Our retreat offers high quality and intensive training tailored for every level, and will bring you an unforgettable experience to discover the power of Muay Thai and the beauty of Thailand.

Our Retreat Partner

We are honoured to have partnered with one of the best Muay Thai, MMA and Fitness facility in the world- BangTao Muay Thai. They offer the highest quality and friendly training over a wide range of disciplines including Muay Thai. MMA, BJJ, strength and conditioning and fitness. 

  • 21 Apr (Sun)

    Arrival, Check-in, Welcome Dinner Buffet @ Arinara Resort

  • 22 Apr (Mon)

    Morning Run with Kaz, Yoga with Mia,

    2 Muay Thai Sessions

  • 23 Apr (Tue)

    Morning Run with Kaz, Osho Dynamic with Angie, Muay Thai/Fitness Session, Sunset Beach Yoga with Mia

  • 24 Apr (Wed)

    Big Buddha Run, Yona Beach Club

  • 25 Apr (Thu)

    Morning Run with Kaz, Self Defence BJJ, Breathwork with Angie, Sunset beach Muay Thai, Fight Night

  • 26 Apr (Fri)

    Morning Run with Kaz, Yoga with Mia, Muay Thai, Fitness Session, Self Defence BJJ

  • 27 Apr (Sat)

    Morning Run with Kaz, Yoga with Mia, 2 Muay Thai Sessions, Sound Bath with Angie, Seafood Dinner

  • 28 Apr (Sun)

    Check out at Arinara, Departure

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What experiences do I need to join this retreat?

We accept and welcome all levels of fitness or Muay Thai experiences. BangTao provides a world-class customer experience, unintimidating and friendly training environment for every level, from absolute beginners to advanced.

Secure Your Place For Only £299.80 - Deposit Option Available

We provide instalment option where the initial payment will be 20% of the price. And the remaining sum will be equally divided into 2 instalments (30 days apart)

For more information, download our brochure here.

About Our Retreat

Kaz Crossley & Combat Collective

Kaz Crossley is the founder of Combat Collective which launched last year on International Women’s Day. (8 March 2022) Combat Collective strives to connect and inspire women to learn, train and feel empowered through combat sports. Given that Muay Thai is Kaz’s regular and top hobby, she has extolled the virtues of the sport for both her physical and mental health. She hopes other women could feel the same strength through it and push their limits.

Kaz previously ran Combat Collective’s first Thailand retreat at BangTao in May 2023 which was a great success with top feedback from majority of participants calling it ‘life-changing’. She also helped host a women’s only retreat in Costa Rica in 2022, and trained in multiple intensive Muay Thai camps around Thailand and Mexico herself. In the UK, Kaz is a sports presenter involved in Muay Thai Grand Prix, and also reality TV star.

Muay Thai is deeply linked to Kaz’s heritage and roots, highlighting her extended passion in her charitable work carried out in her homeland Thailand. For years, Kaz has worked closely with Wor. Watthana Muay Thai Gym in rural Thai village Isaan — where they help at-risk children and youth change the course of their paths. Using her social media platform, Kaz has been raising awareness and funds of more than £100k to help these children in poverty build a gym & home.

Combat Collective and Kaz will continue to work closely with Wor. Wathanna to help achieve meaningful change for these children in the coming years. 

BangTao Muay Thai

We are honoured to have partnered with one of the best Muay Thai, MMA and Fitness facility in the world — BangTao Muay Thai. They offer the highest quality and friendly training over a wide range of disciplines including Muay Thai, MMA, BJJ, strength and conditioning and fitness. 

Opened only last year, the facility is relatively new and located in BangTao area with one of the longest beaches in the west coast of Phuket. 

The BangTao founders team is in fact directly responsible for getting the first ever Thai national female into the UFC Loma Lookboonmee, which is exceptionally inspiring for our Collective. 

For training and classes, you will have the opportunity to train twice a day in Muay Thai (including a sunset beach session!) for the majority of the retreat, mixed up with fitness class led by female coach and self defence class led by Alex. Kaz will lead the daily runs from the resort, Mia will run daily yoga classes, and Angie will run meditation and sound bath sessions. 

Alex Schild 

As one of the founders of BangTao, Alex has been living, fighting, and coaching in Phuket for the last 10 years. He has worked with some of the highest-level fighters such as Valentina Schevchenko (UFC Women’s Flyweight champion). As a current One Championship fighter, Alex is also a jiu jitsu black belt and has fought MMA all over Asia. He will be teaching our fundamental self defence/ BJJ session and supervising classes of our retreat throughout.

Arinara Beach Resort

Arinara is a 4 star resort located by one of Phuket’s longest beach front with tranquility of an idyllic shoreline on the west coast. 

You will be staying at one of their stunning premium garden view studios with either a king bed or twin beds (sharing option) with a vibrant Asian contemporary decor, rain shower and private balcony. Their facilities range from two swimming pools, private beach front (where one of our Muay Thai or Yoga sunset sessions will take place), fitness centre, 24 hours guest and room services, games room, Wi-Fi and ATM. Most importantly, this resort is opposite BangTao Muay Thai to facilitate daily training and gym access.

Mia (Muay Thai Yogi)

Mia Elizabeth has been ritually training in Thailand for the past 5 years, Complimentary to her training has always been mobility and yoga practice. The two have become a staple of accessory work for both hobbyists and professionals alike. Those aiming to speed up their recovery, enhance their mobility and performance have benefitted from both her physical and virtual forms of practice. 

As Combat Collective’s first star ambassador, Mia will be running daily yoga sessions that will help your body gain and improve flexibility and Muay Thai movements to feel more fluid.


Angie is a talented energy healer and holistic healer. Throughout the past 10 years, she has traveled within and far from her native Thailand to be guided by many great teachers around the world in ancient arts, philosophies, traditional yoga, meditation, breath-work, pranayama, sound and ceremony, energy and Reiki. Angie’s intention is to guide one to a deeper connection towards a feeling of fullness. All through empowering and expanding themselves with their own body, breath, and brain and in order to encourage a spiritual spark in their soul. 

Yona Beach Club

Taking the concept of a floating tropical island, Yona Beach Club is located at Phuket’s Patong Beach with a 360-degree sea view with 2 infinity pools (one that is 22 meters long!). We will be granted free access to enjoy such an oasis of party, live DJ and relaxation at the sea; a wide range of amenities and activities could be purchased such as food, drinks, sun beds and water activities. (e-foil, kayak)  Transfers to Yona Beach club are included in this retreat package. 

  • What experiences do I need to join this retreat? 

    We accept and welcome all levels of fitness or Muay Thai experiences. BangTao provides a world-class customer experience, unintimidating and friendly training environment for every level, from absolute beginners to advanced.

  • What’s included and what’s not?

    The details of all training and activities, accommodation, meals, certain transfers included in our retreat are listed as above. What would not be included would be round trip flights, airport transfer and meals on certain evenings. The expenses to be spent at Yona Beach will be excluded.

  • Do we need to bring hand wraps, gloves & shin guards?

    You will need to bring your own hand wraps (extra pair given daily training), boxing gloves and shin guards. BangTao Muay Thai however does have a store that sells all of these with an exclusive discount for you.

  • What clothing would you recommend us to bring?

    Temperatures are warm at 25⁰C-32⁰C with 8 hours of sunshine a day. We recommend you to bring cotton t-shirts, summer dresses, shorts, linen shirts, lightweight clothes and easy-to-dry clothing.

  • Apart from training, are there any other activities?

    Our featured activities of the retreat are Yona Beach Club, Fight Night, Buddha Run and other training such as HIIT, self defense, Muay Thai Yoga,meditation and sound bath sessions.

  • Can I stay behind in Thailand after the retreat?

    Yes of course! Phuket is an amazing place to travel and sightsee, with loads of delicious food and culture. We are expecting you on Apr 21st and the retreat ends on Apr 28th, feel free to stay behind the retreat.

  • What are the entry requirements for travellers to Thailand?

    According to the Royal Thai Embassy, the proof of vaccination is no longer required. Travelers from China and India will require a negative RT-PCR test before departure and should have health insurance covering at least 10k USD for COVID-19 that covers the duration of stay in Thailand plus 7 additional days.

  • When is check in and out on 21 and 28 Apr?

    The check in at Arinara resort on 21st Apr is 2:00pm in the afternoon. However, to accommodate any early arrivals - the reception should be able to store your luggage whilst you chill around the pool/ area until your room is ready. 

    The check out on 28th Apr is 12:00pm at noon. Again, the reception can store your luggage if you have a late flight.

  • Do the meals in the retreat package include vegan/ vegetarian or halal options?

    At Arinara resort, there are vegan or vegetarian options and also salad and noodle stations. Their ingredients of chicken and beef is halal certified. At Bangtao Ringside cafe for lunches, there are options you can customise to meet your dietary needs. (e.g. Salad station with selection of vegetables and proteins) For the seafood/ seaside restaurant, we will communicate with the chef to provide alternative dishes for you if you inform us before the retreat date.

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