• Caitlin

    "This week is so amazing and genuinely top 3 experiences of my life. I've been so lost in the past few years but this has 100% brought back my love for training and I'm so much more motivated to get back to training and helping other people. Combat Collective and all the girls are amazing and inspiring! Thanks for making me feel more at home than I ever have."

  • Mia

    "The is the most incredible experience of my life. I've been smiling since getting off the plane in Thailand till now. All of you have inspired me by just being yourselves and pushing through with this experience. I will never forget the constant laughs, the crying, the encouragement and the support you've given me throughout the week. I'm so grateful to have been a part of this group. "

  • Francesa

    "Thank you for organising such a great experience. What Combat Collective does is truely amazing, creating a space for women (younger/older, single /mothers) to lean into this male dominated sport, to grow and to accept themselves, even to unleash new power we didn't know we had. What was especially powerful was seeing at the end how many of us are going through a rough time and how this week brought us back som light and optimism and joy! Thank you so much!"

  • Kay

    "This is such an unforgettable experience, thank you everyone for giving me such a wonderful time. The encouragement and energy I received from the group and coaches made me keep up with all the classes. Although I'm at my 60s, the support that I received from Combat Collective made me realise I'm stronger than I thought! I would love to join the next retreat!"

  • Saaliha

    "I'm so grateful my friend invited me to this retreat! This has truely changed my life, everyone was so supportive with inspiring souls. I came in as a woman who forgot herself and lost her sparks and now I came out with more than I could have ever asked for.The confidence I have now is something I haven't felt in a long time, the love I have for myself and the feeling of being able to accomplish anything life throws at me is possible.

    This trip is something I will never ever forget"

  • Georgia

    "This trip has honestly been the most life & mind altering experience of my life. Things that seemed to be important to me before, just don't anymore and I can't thank you all enough for changing so much of me. Life is hard and we've all had our moments this trip but we all lifted each other back up. Without our bad experiences, a lot of us wouldn't have even made the leap of coming on this trip. At least I know I wouldn't have. For that, I am so grateful and truely believe everything happens for a reason."